Couple of the Month: Elizabeth and Brian

December 2, 2016


Elizabeth, a childcare counselor,  and Brian, a teacher,  will be getting married next month at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY.  Although they have known each other since childhood, it was only in the last two years that they became an item.  Read about their cute love story below!


Married Up: How long have the two of you known each other? How long have you been dating? Where did you first meet?

Liz: Technically we met in the third grade and remained friends all the way through high school. Brian had tried to date me twice in school but I cared more about my competitive dance team practices than dating so I said no (what was I thinking?!). We drifted after high school and were both in long term relationships for three to four years so we didn’t talk much but would occasionally say ‘hi’ here and there since I started babysitting for the family who lives next door to his parent’s house in 2010. Years after, in late 2014, the parents of the boys I babysat for invited me over for a BBQ. While we were catching up it came up that I should reconnect with “the boy next door” because they thought very highly of Brian.The thought stuck in my mind all day and later that night I actually Facebook messaged him to catch up since I had lost his number over the years. We exchanged numbers that night and have not gone one single day without talking since!

Married Up: Tell us about how you got engaged.

Liz: Brian’s favorite day of the year is October 17th simply because October is his favorite month and 17 is his favorite number. Every year that we’ve been together we do something special for that day. Brian had been urging me to plan something special with our friends/family out east since we love the wineries. I sent out a group text organizing pumpkin picking and a full day at the wineries. I basically planned my entire proposal without knowing it! I was starting to feel like it may happen that day but as the date got closer Brian started throwing me off his trail. He took me ring shopping three days before the actual date, he acted really sketchy and was leaving hints like searching “ways to propose in the winter/snow” and left it up on the laptop for me to find later, and even was taking me to a ring showcase the second week of November! I was completely convinced it was no longer happening that day. The night before, I was having a “fat day”, was being really dramatic, and had decided I did not want to go out east anymore and he could just go without me. He comforted me and urged me to just wear something comfortable for a day of fun. WELL! I wore the only pair of high waisted leggings I owned,  a loud pastel aztec print, and my favorite but absolutely destroyed converse (see photo evidence below). A bunch of people told me that my leggings were hilarious/hideous and questioned if I was I really going to wear them but I just shrugged them off, being touchy about the subject. While they were just trying to look out for my future photos of the day I got engaged,  I wouldn’t have it any other way. We got to the pumpkin patch and Brian begged me to come  see a pumpkin he liked. I remember thinking he was being ridiculous because that pumpkin wasn’t even standing up straight. All I remember was him saying “Babe, this pumpkin may not be perfect but I think you are…” and we were happily engaged celebrating at our favorite wineries with most of our loved ones!


Married Up:  Where are you planning on getting married? What’s the date?

Liz: We are getting married in Fox Hollow’s Somerley room in Woodbury, NY on January 27th, 2017. We like the cold and are excited to hit that cold air after dancing and partying all night. I know it sounds crazy but I’m actually hoping it snows. Just a flurry though, not a blizzard.


Married Up: When are you going on your honeymoon? Where and for how long?
Liz: Our wedding is on a Friday night and we leave for our honeymoon that following Monday morning, January 30th. We are booked in a “walk out” room that leads right through beautiful gardens straight to the pool at Sandals Grande Antigua! We are staying for 8 days / 7 nights with a spa day, ATV adventure, and ziplining tour booked already. We are so excited.

Married Up: Where were the photos taken? What is the name of the photographer?

Liz:Our engagement photos were taken at Frank Melville Memorial Park in Stony Brook. Our photographer is Capture the Moment Studios, her name is Jess Nelson and she is the perfect fit for us. She rocks!

Check out more of their gorgeous photos on our Instagram account @marriedupblog.

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